Declaring independence

Chapter in: Saunders, P. Humphreys, J. Dubossarsky, E. and Samild. S. (2008), Declaring Dependence, Declaring Independence: Three Essays on the Future of the Welfare State, CIS Occasional Paper 111, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

This short book looks at a couple of different approaches for returning greater freedom to responsible adults in Australia. The first proposal, by Dubossarsky & Samild, outlines a system where people can “declare dependence” on the state if they are in need, which would come with a series of associated restrictions on their behaviour. The second proposal, by Humphreys, looks at the reverse idea where certain people would have the opportunity to “declare independence” if they can show that they are a net contributor to society.

Author: John Humphreys

Chief Economist at The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Sessional Lecturer at the University of Queensland, and National President of the Liberal Democrats.

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