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Labor’s hospital reform explained

April 21, 2010 2 comments

Confused by Labor’s proposed hospital reforms? Don’t be. Here is the “simple guide” to how the hospital system will work under Labor’s reform.

It all starts with you, dear taxpayer. You pay tax. Thanks.

Under the new system, the Commonwealth government will contribute 60% and the State governments will contribute 40% into a new set of seven funding bureaucracies (though 1/3 of the commonwealth money is simply re-badged GST). These new bureaucracies will then distribute money to 90 “regional” health bureaucracies, who distribute the money on to the hospitals, partially according to the rules established by a new federal pricing bureaucracy, partially according to the rules of the old state bureaucracies (who remain on as “system manager”) and partially according to their own discretion. There. Simple.

With that combination of the commonwealth health bureaucracy, commonwealth hospital pricing bureaucracy, state health bureaucracies, state hospital funding bureaucracies, and regional hospital bureaucracies, the new system is supposedly going to improve the quality of health care and end the blame game. Yeah. Good luck with that.

Then of course there is the WA exception, but let’s not complicate things.

Giving away other people’s money

March 31, 2010 Comments off

Politics is strange. If I were to come to your house and take $100 of your money, then spend that money on a bicycle, and then give you the bicycle, you probably wouldn’t thank me. Indeed, you would probably be annoyed. But if a sitting politician does the exact same thing, then they are held up as heroes and thanked for their generosity. Weird.

Yesterday the ABC reported that people in Griffith (the electorate where I will battle Kevin Rudd) were publicly thanking Kevin Rudd for giving them a bicycle. Of course, the truth is that Kevin did not pay for the bicycle himself, but instead took the money from Australian workers and consumers. The thank you note should be written to the Australian taxpayer.

Giving away other people’s money makes for good politics. Everybody likes Santa… so when politicians run around handing out “free” gifts, they are sometimes able to buy support. But unfortunately, it can lead to bad outcomes. Read more…

Ruddonomics: the “crisis”

February 21, 2010 1 comment

In his infamous Monthly essay “The Global Financial Crisis“, Andrew Charlton Kevin Rudd uses the word “crisis” 14 times within three paragraphs. Scary stuff.

But my complaint about the essay is not the fear-mongering. That’s fairly standard in politics. My complaint is that Rudd simply gets the economics wrong, time and time again, starting with the second paragraph reference to “fundamentalism”.

Read more…