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Conservatives, moderates, libertarians & populists

February 20, 2010 Comments off

While the Liberal Party doesn’t have formal factions, that doesn’t mean that everybody in the party thinks the same. Indeed, internal philosophical debates are a big part of party politics, providing some of the colour and excitement of democracy.

For the casual observer, the most obvious two groups are the “conservatives” and the “moderates”. However, I would suggest that a more complete taxonomy of Liberal Party philosophy included four groups. Of course, any taxonomy of views is going to be imperfect due to some degree of over-simplification, but I think the four philosophies outlined below give a fair overview of the competing views of Party members and supporters.

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Libertarians & conservatives

February 1, 2010 2 comments

On the right side of politics there has long been a conflict between the “conservatives” and “libertarians/liberals”. The former value religion, nationalism and tradition while the latter value individualism, tolerance and diversity. All good-sounding words.

At first glance it seems that these approaches should conflict. And yet there are people like Tim Andrews, Ralph Buttigieg, Danny Haynes, Jim Fryar, Dan Farmilo and many others who describe themselves as “conservative libertarians” or something similar. How can this be?

To understand this apparent paradox it is necessary to draw a distinction between the “moral” and the “political”. Contrary to leftist dogma, these are not the same things.

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