2021 Liberal Democrats AGM

A bit over 20 years ago a small group of young Canberra libertarians got together at the Kingston Hotel and outlined our plans to launch a new political party. Flash forward to this year and that small group had become a national network of thousands of members, with several important electoral victories under our belt, and playing an important role in the Australian liberty movement. It was a moment worth celebrating, and thank you to everybody who came along to our 20th birthday celebration in Canberra earlier this month.

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Case for a classical liberal political party

Humphreys, J. (2007), “Taking Classical Liberalism to the People“, Policy, 23:1 (August 2007), Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney, pp40-43.

Classical liberals have been disappointed by the performance of the Liberal Party, and are likely to remain disappointed my any major party. While a minor party may not win government, they have several benefits from having an explicitly classical liberal political party such as the Liberal Democrats:

  1. Better advocacy and reaching more people
  2. Changing the parameters of political debate
  3. Being copied by the majors
  4. Votes and preferences