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Books & monographs

Humphreys, J. (2009) Ending the Churn: A tax-welfare swap, Centre for Independent Studies, Policy Monograph 100, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2007) Exploring a Carbon Tax for Australia, Centre for Independent Studies, Policy Monograph 80, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2005) Reform 30/30: Rebuilding Australia’s Tax and Welfare systems, Centre for Independent Studies, Policy Monograph 70, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. and Steockel, A. (2005) Free Trade Agreements: Making them better, RIRDC 05/035, Canberra.

Humphreys, J., Van Bueren, M. and Stoeckel, A. (2003) Greening Farm Subsidies: The next step in removing perverse farm subsidies, RIRDC 03/040, Canberra.

CIE (2002), APEC Economies: Realising the benefits of trade facilitation, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra.

Journal articles, chapters, and reports

Humphreys, J. (2015), “Education premiums in Cambodia: Dummy variables revisited and recent data”, Econ Journal Watch, 12:3.

Humphreys, J. and Makin, T. (2014) “The Orgill Report on the BER Program: A critique”, in Prasser, S. and Tracey, H. (ed) Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries as Instruments of Public Policy and Review, Connor Court.

Humphreys, J. (2013), “Downsize Canberra: remove federal income tax”, chapter in Johns, G. (2013), Really Dangerous Ideas, Connor Court.

Humphreys, J. (2012) “The Treasury’s non-Modelling of the stimulus“, Agenda, Volume 19 Number 2, Australian National University.

Humphreys, J. (2011) “Ending the Churn: A Tax/Welfare Swap”, chapter in Humphreys, Carling, Davidson & Kirchner (2011), Taxploitation II: Tax reform for Incentive, Productivity and Economic Growth, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2010) “A fresh look at labour markets“, Policy Journal (Autumn 26:1), Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. and Malpass, L. (2009) Emissions tax: the least worst option, Centre for Independent Studies, Issue Analysis, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2009) “The Real Income Tax Rates”, Policy Journal (Winter 25:2), Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2009) In defence of civil society: the virtue of prescribed private funds, Centre for Independent Studies, Issue Analysis, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2008) “Declare Independence”, chapter in Saunders, P., Humphreys, J., Dubossarsky, E. and Samild.S (2008.) Declare Dependence, Declare Independence, Centre for Independent Studies, Occasional Paper 111, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2007) “Taking Classical Liberalism to the People”, Policy Journal (Autumn 23:1), Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2006) “Freedom from choice: The governments futile quest to take the risk out of life”, Policy Journal (Summer, 22:4), Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2006) “Reform 30/30”, chapter in Saunders, P (ed) (2006), Taxploitation: The Case for Income Tax Reform, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Gordon, J., Humphreys, J. Warner, R. and Hearne, T. (2004) Resource Mobilisation for Implementation of the Vientiane Action Programme (VAP): A Background Paper, ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program, REPSF Project No. 03/006c.

CIE (2004), Economic analysis of AUSFTA: Impact of the bilateral free trade agreement with the United States, CIE, Canberra.

Humphreys, J. (2004), “What price security“, Policy Journal, 20:1, pp32-35, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2004), “Book review: Growth Fetish”, Economic Analysis and Policy, 34:1, 116-17, March 2004, Economic Society of Australia (Qld), Brisbane.

CIE (2003), Consequences of the Bali bombing: A brief economic analysis of the consequences flowing from the Bali bombings, CIE, Canberra.

Bauer, M., Kirchner, A., Humphreys, J., Van Bueren, M. and Gordon, J. (2003), Evaluation of the Agroforestry and Farm Forestry Program: An assessment of benefits — stage 2, RIRDC 03/042, Canberra.

Humphreys, J. (2002) “Funding School Choice — Vouchers or Tax Credits: A response to Buckingham“, Policy Journal, 18:1, pp15-18, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.

Humphreys, J. (2001) “Reforming Wages and Welfare Policy: Six Advantages of a Negative Income Tax?“, Policy Journal, 17:1, pp19-22, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney.


* 2015 Sep 8 — GMOs: Cheaper Food and Higher Farm Incomes for Cambodia? (Khmer Times, with Gabby Ward)
* 2012 Dec — Real Property Rights (IPA Review)
* 2012 Dec 11 — Good news in the ‘war on drugs’ (Online Opinion)
* 2012 June 11 — Unseen damage of raising the minimum wage (The Drum)
* 2011 Dec 14 — Who is Ron Paul? (The Drum)
* 2011 June 20 — Carbon tax and evidence-based policy (The Drum)
* 2011 June 11 — Animal rights and wrongs (Online Opinion)
* 2011 June 1 — It’s time to stand up for smokers rights (The Drum)
* 2011 March 25 — How Julia Gillard could improve the carbon tax (The Drum)
* 2010 May 5 — Rudd has no idea how to run or reform an economy (Spectator Australia)
* 2009 Dec 23 — Activists & global warming (Sydney Morning Herald)
* 2009 Oct 22 — It’s time for a new Medicare (Online Opinion)
* 2009 Oct 21 — Australian libertarians revealed (Open Forum)
* 2009 Oct 08 — We’re wasting billions on tax churn (Business Spectator)
* 2009 Oct 07 — A welfare system we can afford (Adelaide Advertiser)
*2009 Aug 04 — Taxing the poor to pay for teeth (Open Forum)
* 2009 July 23 — Stimulus spending does not make it Christmas (Online Opinion)
* 2009 June 29 — Workers on low incomes are losing out (Canberra Times)
* 2009 June 03 — Australia’s recession in perspective (Open Forum)
* 2009 May 28 — The rise of neo-socialism (Canberra Times)
* 2009 May 11 — Making things worse (Business Spectator)
* 2009 April 07 — A war on charity (Open Forum)
* 2009 Feb 25 — It should always pay to be generous (Canberra Times)
* 2009 Feb 18 — We need to start an emissions debate (The Australian)
* 2009 Jan 31 — A carbon tax is better than carbon trading (The Age)
* 2009 Jan 30 — Taxation rhetoric and reality (Business Spectator)
* 2009 Jan 26 — Accepting the recession (Canberra Times)
* 2009  — Review: Dry: In Defence of Economic Freedom (100 Great Books on Liberty)
* 2008 July 17 — Let people be free to choose indepenence (AFR)
* 2008 March — The case for free immigration agreements (IPA Review)
* 2007 Sept — Anti-competitive Politics (Policy Magazine)
* 2007 March — Understanding Austrian economics (IPA Review)
* 2007 Jan — EU-ANZ FTA: new ideas in world trade (Quadrant)
* 2006 Nov 1 — Korea as a financial hub (Korea Herald)
* 2005 Nov 30 — Simpler tax is easy, but where’s the courage (AFR)
* 2005 Aug 24 — Values, government and liberalism (Online Opinion)
* 2003 Jan 17 — Smokers rights in Canberra (Canberra Times)
* 2003 Jan 05 — Howard and Costello share the blame (The Australian)
* 2001 — Policy manifesto for Canberra  (Liberal Democratic Party), with Duncan Spender

I also blog occasionally at Thoughts on Freedom (2003-2012) and Menzies House (since 2010).


“Regulation Policy in Cambodia”, at the ASEAN Policy Forum hosted by PRIME, Phnom Penh, 12 February 2016.

“The Many Benefits of University Education”, at UME Career Workshop hosted by the University of Management and Economics, Kampong Cham, November 2015.

“Introduction to Budget Policy”, at (1) Budget Policy Forum hosted by the ALSF, Canberra, May 2015; (2) Policy in the West hosted by the ATA & YL, Sydney, March 2014; and (3) Budget Policy Forum hosted by ALSF, Canberra, May 2013.

“Australia’s Laffer Maximum”, at (1) Liberty on the Rocks, hosted by ATA, Melbourne, March 2015; (2) SFL Conference, by Students for Liberty, Melbourne, July 2014; and (3) Foundations of Market Economics, by ATA, Sydney, August 2013.

“Personal Equity in Australia”, at (1) 43rd Australian Conference of Economics, Hobart, July 2014; (2) PhD Conference, Canberra, Oct 2013; & (3) RMIT Seminar, Melbourne, Nov 2013.

“Dynamic Tax Analysis”, guest lecture for 3312AFE: Economic Policy and Analysis, at Griffith University, Brisbane, May 2014.

“Introduction to Political Economics”, at Foundations of Market Economics, by Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Sydney, April 2013.

“Alternatives to the Mincer model of education”, at 42nd Australian Conference of Economists, Perth, July 2013.

“Tax potential: comparing top marginal tax rates with the Laffer maximum”, STEP Asian conference, by the Society of Trust and Equity Practitioners, Hong Kong, 16 October 2012.

“Economic argument against the carbon tax”, at (1) Carbon tax debate, Property Council of Australia, Brisbane, 3 June 2011; & (2) Rally against the Carbon Tax, Brisbane, 7 May 2011.

“The rise and fall of friendly societies”, Consilium, Coolum, July 2010

“Economic analysis of Australia’s proposed emissions trading system (ETS)”, 4th International Conference on Climate Change, Chicago, 17 May 2010.

Radical reform of the age pension“, at Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney, 4 October 2009.

“The case for charity, and how it compares with welfare”, Consilium, Coolum, August 2009.

Climate change policy: Alternatives to the ETS“, CIS discussion, Sydney, 19 February 2009.

“Farm Subsidies and the Environment”, invited by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Washington DC, 2004.

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