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The end of Chapter Six

December 22, 2015

I started this website about six years ago when I switched from being a globetrotter (which I called “Chapter Five”) to living in Australia and concentrating on economic research (my “Chapter Six”)… but in 2015 it is fair to say that both the blog and Chapter Six have come to an end.

The age of life-blogging is over. To the degree that I have ideas worth sharing these days, they are more likely to show up on my facebook page, and realistically this blog isn’t going to come back to life any time soon. C’est la vie.

But more consequential is that my life is changing. Perhaps the defining feature of Chapter Six has been my PhD on education and personal equity finance in Cambodia, which is now drawing to a close. For the last few years I…

  • lived between Australia & Cambodia;
  • researched, wrote & spoke about a range of economic, social & political topics;
  • re-engaged with politics through the Friedman Dinners, Friedman Conference, Australian Institute for Progress, and the Australian Taxpayers Alliance;
  • built the Human Capital Project into a proper organisation;
  • had the chance to re-live some university lifestyle; and
  • did some occasional part-time work and paid off my house.

Time for something new, thought I’m not really sure what’s in store for Chapter Seven. My original plan was to move to Melbourne, return to proper work for the first time since 2004, and live a more settled & healthy life. That didn’t work out. My problem now is that I have too many options and no strong preference. But whatever happens next, it’s time to draw a line under the last chapter of my life. So goodbye Chapter Six and thanks for all the fish. 🙂

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