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My ministerial reshuffle

February 28, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about the idea of shrinking the federal cabinet from twenty to ten members, and I named my ten portfolios. The obvious next question for political watchers is “which ten politicians”? My honest answer is that I simply don’t know our MPs and Senators well enough to make an informed judgement… but like anybody else I can have a guess based on media impressions.

Below is my rough first attempt at picking a “top 10 Labor” and “top 10 Liberal”, and specifying which portfolio. I have limited myself by insisting that the leaders must remain in place, that there has to be at least two females, and there has to be some degree of continuity (meaning I can only have a couple of new cabinet members).

My Labor Cabinet

Prime Minister — Julia Gillard
Treasurer — Craig Emerson
Foreign Minister — Simon Crean
Defence — Bill Shorten
Immigration — Chris Bowen
AG — Robert McClelland
Infrastructure — Greg Combet
Social Services — Nicola Roxon
Environment — Penny Wong
State & Local — Gary Gray


My Lib/Nat Cabinet

Prime Minister — Tony Abbott
Treasurer — Malcolm Turnbull
Foreign Minister — Brett Mason
Defence — Julie Bishop
Immigration — Barnaby Joyce
AG — George Brandis
Infrastructure — Andrew Robb
Social Services — Joe Hockey
Environment — Scott Morrison
State & Local — Michaelia Cash

With the cabinet restricted to just the top-10 it is possible to find some very high quality candidates for lots of the top spots, which is exactly what we should want in a government and opposition. I’ve been forced to leave out some quite good names, so I should say to the hordes of politicians who read by website and are upset at not being included — you were my number 11. 🙂

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