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Griffith FDC meeting

January 23, 2010

Last Wednesday night (20 Jan) I went along to my first official LNP meeting, for the Federal Divisional Council (FDC) of Griffith. I expect it will be the first of many.

I met up with a few Young LNPers before the meeting, and stayed around afterwards for a beer & chat with some of the locals. A good bunch. I can already start to feel myself morphing into a candidate, which is both exciting and worrying. Politics encourages politicians to over-estimate their own importance… and while I’m not short on confidence I hope I can avoid becoming too much of a jerk.

It has been interesting to learn the internal structures of the LNP. The party is split into local branches, State electorates (SEC) and Federal electorates (FDC), as well as the Youth & Women’s groups. As a slight simplification, it is the State Council (headed by the State executive) that is the ultimate authority of the party, and it appoints a Secretariat headed by a State Director. Then there is the Policy Standing Committee (PSC) which includes a policy committee for each major area.

If somebody was to join one (or more) policy committees, the PSC, and the State Council as well as their local branch, SEC and FDC it is easy to see how the party could take up a lot of your time. Not to mention the extra workload during a campaign. Should be fun.

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