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Back in Qld

December 21, 2009

My one year experiment with Sydney is now over. After Jetstar cancelled my flight I decided to pack up my car and drive all day Thursday (17/12) so that I could make my Friday morning meeting with the Liberal National Party (LNP). Twelve hours, KFC & lots of red bull later, I made it.

It’s good to be back in Queensland. The weather, the friends, the family, the vibe, the beach, the RE & superchicken. Sydney is a fun city and the CIS was a great job, but Queensland (especially Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast) is home.

The meeting with the LNP candidate review committee went well, and then I met up with other LNP activists on Friday evening (Peter), Saturday evening (Duncan), and Sunday morning (Bek).  The more people I meet and the more I look into the opportunities with the LNP the more excited I get. I’ve started pestering friends and family to join up and get involved.

But not everything is politics. For the next week I need to pick up Kristy from the airport, do the Christmas shopping, watch Avatar, get to the beach, and try to sort out my 2010 plan. And on a sadder note, I just found out that my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, it is apparently not too serious and the doctors expect him to be fine. Touch wood.

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