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Chapter 6?

December 9, 2009

Well… it looks like one era of my life is over and another is about to start.

On 22 December 2004 I drove out of Canberra to a new life of travel, adventure and putting quality of life ahead of money and career. I called this new phase in my life “chapter 5”, after the first four chapters of (1) little kid in NZ, Armidale, Ayr; (2) school in Caloundra; (3) university in Brisbane; and (4) career in Canberra.

Chapter 5 took me to Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Nth America (about 50 countries) and allowed me to become a scuba divemaster, recreational pilot, competent crew, volunteer university lecturer, PhD candidate, founder of a Cambodian NGO, English teacher in Korea, writer of academic papers & opinion articles, and generally a calmer and happier person. And now, nearly five years later, chapter 5 is coming to a close…

The reason was unexpected. I have always been interested in politics, but I had never really considered a political career. Until this year. While researching community and public policy issues and engaging in political debates in Sydney I was slowly drawn closer to the intrigue of major party politics. In the second half of the year I started talking to friends about joining mainstream politics and now at the end of the year I’m ready to make the jump.

So Chapter 6 will be a political chapter. I would have called this blog “chapter 6”, but the URL had already been taken. So, in the boring and predictable way so loved of all politicians, I’ve just called it “John Humphreys”. And instead of stories about travel adventures and introspective accounts of love, life and beer (as with my old blog)… I’ll be writing more about political philosophy, politics, campaigning and my new life as a mainstream politician.

The new adventure starts next Friday (18/12) when I meet with the candidate review committee of the Liberal National Party up in Brisbane and we talk about options for running in next year’s federal election.

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